Travel from Singapore to Mersing

There is a direct bus service from Singapore to Mersing, which is the departure point for ferry services to Tioman Island.

Bus Times from Singapore to Mersing

There is currently 1 bus service a day from Singapore to Mersing available to book online.

22:0001:35150 MYRKKKL Express SG
  • The journey by bus from Singapore to Mersing is scheduled to take 3 hours 35 minutes.

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Departure from Singapore

Bus services from Singapore to Mersing depart Kovan Hub Bus Terminal.

Google Map of Kovan Hub Bus Terminal

Bus Stop in Mersing

Bus services from Singapore to Mersing terminate at Mersing Jetty.

Google Map of Bus stop in Mersing

About Travel to Mersing

Mersing is a medium sized town with around 70,000 inhabitants. The major local industry is fishing and the pace of life in Mersing is fairly slow. Mersing has no major tourist attractions, but it does have a range of hotels and restaurants used by tourists travelling to and from Tioman Island.

Ferries to Tioman Island

Ferry services to Tioman Island depart from Mersing Jetty. There are two ferry operators, Bluewater Express Ferry and Cataferry, and the number of services a day and the timing of those service varies month to month. The weather is generally wet and windy November through to February and the number of ferry services drops down to 2. In high season there can be 4 or more sailings a day.

Generally there is at least 1 ferry in the morning and at least 1 ferry in the afternoon. Departure times vary almost daily as the tides change. Some passengers book online in advance, others simply turn up at the ferry pier and hope for the best.

Twin Peaks of Gunung Semukut on Tioman Island
Twin Peaks of Gunung Semukut on Tioman Island
About Tioman Island

Tioman Island is fairly large, measuring approximately 39 km by 12 km. The island’s population, however, is relatively small numbering around 2,000 people. Much of the island is dense forest and parts of the island are very hilly. The forest, like the water surrounding Tioman island, is protected by law. Wildlife flourishes on land and aquatic life is in abundance in sea around Tioman Island.

Tioman Island is a tropical paradise. However, like other under developed tropical islands, that also means the amenities on the island are basic. There is a small town with a single ATM machine and a small number of supermarkets, Kampung Tekek, on the central part of the west coast of the island. The nearby Air Batang (ABC beach) is popular place to stay because it has the best facilities available on the island and is within walking distance of Kampung Tekek.

Activities on Tioman Island

Other than sit on the beach, the main leisure activities on Tioman Island are snorkelling, scuba diving and jungle trekking. There are plenty of places to go snorkelling from the beach, but for the best coral and most fish you need to take a boat trip. In terms of trekking, the most popular and accessible trek is from Air Batang to Monkey Bay.

Fans of old films may also want to take a boat trip to Asah Waterfall which featured in a classic movie from 1958, South Pacific.

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