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By direct bus the journey from Singapore to Melaka (also known as Malacca) is scheduled to take from 4 to 7 hours depending upon which service you take.

Bus Times from Singapore to Melaka

There are currently 4 bus services a day from Singapore to Melaka Sentral Bus Station available to book online.

08:0014:10107 MYRKKKL Express SG
08:0011:36118 MYRSuper Nice Express
08:3012:10104 MYRStarMart SG
20:0023:40104 MYRStarMart SG

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Singapore Bus Station

StarMart SG bus services from Singapore to Melaka depart from the Golden Mile Tower.

Google map of the Golden Mile Tower

Melaka Bus Station

All bus services from Singapore to Melaka stop at Melaka Sentral Bus Station.

Melaka Sentral Bus Station

About Travel to Melaka

Melaka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia, and there are plenty of reasons for that. As a short break destination, Melaka really delivers a lot to visitors. The city centre has a very vibrant atmosphere and there are lots of interesting places to visit. Melaka also has a very developed tourist infrastructure, particularly in terms of the range of value for money accommodation. Lastly, and not least, Melaka has excellent food which comes in a wide variety of styles.

History of Melaka

The city of Melaka began in 1,400 AD when the Sultan of Singapore fled there after Singapore was invaded. The sultanate, however, didn’t hang onto power for long as the city was taken over by the Portuguese in 1511, then the Dutch in 1641, and then the British in 1824 until Malay Independence in 1957. These colonialising powers all left a mark on the city, particularly the Dutch in terms of what they built.

In addition to the colonial powers, lots of immigrant workers and traders came to Melaka to live. The largest groups were from China and India, and these groups established their own religious buildings many of which are still standing today alongside temples and mosques and churches from other religions. Melaka is a very multi-cultural city and it has been for over 600 years.

The riverside area in Melaka is popular with tourists
The riverside area in Melaka is popular with tourists
Dutch Square

The most iconic part of Melaka is Dutch Square. This small square near the river features a clock tower, a church and a government building all constructed by the Dutch during the period they colonised Melaka. These buildings have a distinctive Dutch design and are painted orange. The British in particular made a lot of effort to preserve these buildings and they are in excellent condition today.

The most impressive of these three Dutch built structures is the large Stadthuys, which was completed in 1660 for use as the administrative centre of the colony. The Stadthuys is open daily as a museum and the exhibits within the museum cover the history of Melaka going back to the period of the early sultanate.

Also on the square, Christ Church Melaka is another distinctive Dutch building completed nearly a hundred years after the Stadthuys in 1753. Visitors can go into the church to look around in between religious services. Christ Church Melaka is still a functioning christian church.

Melaka River

The other major tourist attraction is the river running through the centre of the city. The part of the river in the historic town centre is lined on either side by mostly older buildings, some very significant, such as the Church of St. Francis Xavier. Most of the buildings on the riverside, however, are less grand and are now transformed into cafes, bars, restaurants and small hotels. The wall murals on many of the buildings which line the river are also impressive.

There are two ways to enjoy the river. You can either take a tour boat, and this is very popular with Asian tourists, or you can walk along the riverside. The authorities in Melaka have constructed good quality wide pathways on both sides of the river starting in the city centre and continuing several kilometres northward. The new pathways were named the Malacca River Walk. The first kilometre of the Malacca River Walk is the most popular part.

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