Travel from Mersing to Singapore

By bus the journey from Mersing to Singapore is scheduled to take 3 hours 35 minutes. Direct bus services from Mersing are the fastest way to complete the second stage of the journey from Tioman Island to Singapore.

Bus Times from Mersing to Singapore

There is currently 1 bus service a day from Mersing to Singapore available to book online.

13:3017:0592 MYRLA Holidays

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Mersing Bus Station

Bus services from Mersing to Singapore depart from Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Bandar Mersing.

Google Map of Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Bandar Mersing

Singapore Bus Station

Bus services from Mersing to Singapore terminate at Kovan Hub Bus Terminal.

Google Map of Kovan Hub Bus Terminal

About Travel to Singapore

Singapore is a densely packed city state with a population of 5.5 million people sharing a land area of 719.1 square kilometres. Singapore consists of 63 islands, although the main island of Pulau Ujong, accounts for 98.8% of the land mass.

Facts Avout Singapore for Travellers

The other significant things to know about Singapore are that it’s expensive and that it’s cultural diverse. Average incomes in Singapore are the highest in South East Asia, and living costs, parrticularly for accommodation, are higher than in many parts of Europe. Visitors with a smaller budget will need to plan carefully in terms of what they eat and buy, and where they stay, or they may struggle to afford even the basics.

Singapore has three major ethnic groups: people of Chinese descent, Malay people, and people of Indian descent. The largest group is people of Chinese descent. This mix of ethniticities has a strong influence on the the character of this city state most noticeably in terms of its food, and religious beliefs, but also in other ways relating to cultural norms. For historical reasons, however, English is used as the main language in Singapore.

Merlion Park in Singapore
Merlion Park in Singapore
Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore is generally considered to have been established in 1819 by British colonialist Sir Stamford Raffles. Very little in Singapore dates back before that, and many of the older buildings in the city were built during the period of British colonial rule. In particular the buildings housing the National Gallery Singapore are of significant architectural merit, and were constructed in 1920s and 1930s. The iconic Raffles Hotel, opened in 1887, is also an evocative reminder of a former period of prosperity in Singapore’s history.

More popular, however, are the ultra modern buildings in Singapore, and the large scale shopping malls which have opened across the city. Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bays Sands and Merlion Park, are all large developments which are both futuristic and designed with a unique pan-Asian motif.

Singapore also 5 major amusement parks: Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Wild Wild Wet Singapore, Haw Par Villa and River Safari.

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