Travel from Mersing to Ipoh

By bus the journey from Mersing to Ipoh is scheduled to take 8 hours 25 minutes. Mersing is the arrival point on the mainland for ferry services from Tioman Island.

Bus Times from Mersing to Ipoh

There is 1 daily direct bus service from Mersing to Ipoh which you can book online.

17:3001:5548 MYRCepat Express

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Mersing Bus Station

Bus services from Mersing to Ipoh depart from Mersing Jetty Gateway which is the ferry port for connections from Tioman Island.

Google Map of Mersing Jetty Gateway

Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services from Mersing to Ipoh terminate at Amanjaya Ipoh Bus Terminal.

Google Map of AmanJaya Ipoh Bus Terminal

About Travel to Ipoh

Ipoh, which is the fourth largest city in West Malaysia, has emerged during the last 10 years as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Ipoh’s economy suffered badly as a consequence of the collapse of tin prices on international markets during the 1970s. For a long period commencing in the late 19th Century Ipoh had been a boom town which grew rich from the deposits of tin ore in the nearby hills, attracting large a large immigrant workforce and major investment from the British Empire. The era of British rule left the city with impressive civic buildings including a massive railway station, town hall and high court, all built in European style. The city’s Chinese and Indian communities also built some impressive buildings in and around the city’s old town area. Ipoh has a Heritage Trail which visitors can follow on foot which goes past 27 sites of historical interest as well as past many of the fantastic wall murals created by artist Ernest Zacharevic.

Humming bird mural in Ipoh
Humming bird mural in Ipoh

Ipoh also has some interesting attractions outside the city centre which you need transport to visit:

  • Tempurung Cave: Deep cave accessible for part of its 3 km length by a lit walkway. Located 28.7 km by road to the south of Ipoh city.
  • Sam Poh Tong Temple: Chinese temple in a cave established in the late 19th Century. Located 5.1 km by road to the south east of Ipoh city.
  • Gua Tambun Cave Paintings: Cave with paintings over 3,000 years old. Located 5.9 km to the east of the city.

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