Travel from Melaka to Singapore

By bus the journey from Melaka (also written as Malacca) to Singapore is scheduled to take from 3 hours 30 minutes to 5 hours 40 minutes depending upon which service you take.

Bus Times from Melaka to Singapore

There are currently 13 bus services a day from Melaka to Singapore available to book online.

06:3010:0069 MYR707
07:0010:3069 MYR707
07:3011:0069 MYR707
08:3012:0069 MYR707
09:3013:0069 MYR707
11:0014:3069 MYR707
12:0015:3069 MYR707
14:0017:3066 MYRSuper Nice Express
15:0018:3066 MYRSuper Nice Express
15:0018:5068 MYRStarMart
15:3021:1092 MYRKKKL Express
17:3021:0069 MYR707
19:0022:3069 MYR707

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Melaka Bus Station

All of the bus services listed above from Melaka to Singapore depart from Melaka Sentral Bus Station.

Melaka Sentral Bus Station

Singapore Bus Station

All of the bus services listed above from Melaka to Singapore terminate at Woodlands Checkpoint except for the StarMart service which terminates at Golden Mile Tower.

Google map of Woodlands Checkpoint

About Travel to Singapore

Singapore is quite unlike any other part of South East Asia in a number of respects.

One distinctive feature of Singapore is that the country has a very small land area, 719.1 square kilometres, particularly in relation to it’s 5.5 million population. Singapore is the most densely packed place in the region.

Singapore is also unusual in terms of the much higher than average incomes for South East Asia. In terms of per capita GDP Singapore is more similar to Western Europe than it is to any other ASEAN country.

History of Singapore

Singapore has been inhabited for at least a 1,000 years. However, modern Singapore is generally considered to have been established by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 when it became a trading post of the British Empire.

The city grew in size and importance under British colonial rule. Another effect of British rule was that Singapore attacted a lot of immigrants, particularly immigrants from China, who by the time when Singapore was granted it’s independence made up the largest ethnic group in the country. After independence Singapore was briefly joined with mainland Malaysia, however, in 1965 Singapore left the newly formed Federation of Malaysia and has been an independent state ever since.

Visit the observation deck of the Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Visit the observation deck of the Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Modern Day Singapore

Singapore is an exciting blend of cultures, and of the new and the old. For visitors there are many landmark older buildings to visit. They were largely constructed during the period was Singapore was a British colony. The most significant of these is the National Gallery Singapore.

The National Gallery Singapore has been created within two grand European style buildings, the Supreme Court built in the 1930s and the old City Hall built in the 1920s. National Gallery Singapore houses one of the world’s best collections of South East Asian art and it’s one of the city’s top tourist attractions.

In terms of their popularity with visitors, these older buildings are now less visited than Singapore’s newer attractions. Significant investment has gone into developing the Marina Bay area, for example, which is where you will find the now iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel and entertainment complex. A visit to its observation deck is one of the must do activities for visitors to Singapore.

Singapore also has 5 major amusement parks which are very popular with Asian tourists, who make uo the bulk of the leisure visitors to the city: Haw Par Villa, Universal Studios, River Safari, Wild Wild Wet Singapore and Adventure Cove Waterpark.

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