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By bus the journey from Lumut to Melaka (also known as Malacca) is scheduled to take 6 hours 10 minutes.

Bus Times from Lumut to Melaka

There is currently 1 bus service a day from Lumut to Melaka which is available to book online.

10:0016:1052 MYRStarMart

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Lumut Bus Station

Bus services from Lumut to Melaka depart from Lumut Bus Station.

Google Map of Lumut Bus Station

Melaka Bus Station

Bus services from from Lumut to Melaka terminate at Melaka Sentral Bus Station.

Google Map of Melaka Sentral Bus Station

About Travel to Melaka

Melaka is one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist destinations. The historic central part of this lively city, located to the South of Kuala Lumpur, was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2013 in recognition of it’s interesting history and well preserved old buildings. Melaka was transformed from a series of small village into a city state in the early 15th Century when the Sultan of Singapore fled there after Singapore was invaded. In 1511, Melaka was itself invaded by Portuguese armed forces who were in turn displaced by Dutch colonialists in 1641. Then, in 1824, control of the city was passed to the British government who remained in control of the city until indepdence from the British Empire in 1957. These different conquering powers, along with Chinese immigrants, left their mark on the city in terms of its food, culture and architecture, and that makes Melaka a unique destination.

Dutch Square in Melaka
Dutch Square in Melaka

The main tourist attractions are all located within a small part of Central Melaka. In terms of things to see, the central point of the city is Dutch Square. Dutch Square features several distinctively Dutch style buildings which are well preserved inside and out, and open to visitors. The two most singinifcant buildings on Dutch Square are The Stadthuys, which is a governmental building constructed by the Dutch in the mid 17th Century, Christ Church Melaka, which is another Dutch style buiding completed in 1753. Near to Dutch Square is the Malacca River. The Malacca River has a popular riverside walk, lots of riverside hotels and restaurants, and regular tourist boat sightseeing services. Across the river from Dutch Square is a grid of small streets with interesting old temples and mosques, as well as museums and shops, and a popular weekend evening market on Jonkers Walk which attracts lots of tourists.

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