Travel from Langkawi to Satun, Thailand

The cheapest way to travel from Langkawi to Thailand is to take a ferry to Satun in Southern Thailand.

Ferry Times from Langkawi to Satun

Ferry services from Langkawi are scheduled to complete the journey to Satun in Thailand in only 60 minutes.

09:3009:3070 MYRBaan Pun Travel
  • Departure times are in Malaysian time, and arrival times are in Thai time.

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Kuah Jetty in Langkawi

Ferry services from Langkawi to Satun depart from Kuah Jetty in Langkawi.

Google Map of Kuah Jetty

Penang Ferry Terminal

Ferry services from Langkawi to Satun arrive at Tammalang Pier, in Satun, Thailand.

Google map of Tammalang Pier

About Travel to Satun

Tammalang Pier is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, notable for its mangrove forests and small waterways, in a sparsely inhabited part of Southern Thailand. There is no bus station or town within walking distance of the pier.

Travel from Tammalang Pier to Satun Bus Station

For onward travel by public transport, passengers arriving into Tammalang Pier need to travel by road 8.8 km to Satun Bus Station. Shared taxis and motorbike taxis gather outside the front of the terminal building at Tammalang Pier waiting for customers whenever a ferry arrives.

Shared taxi are the cheapest option for travel from Tammalang Pier to Satun Bus Station:

  • Shared taxi: 40 THB
  • Motorbike Taxi: 60 to 80 THB
Satun Bus Station is located 8.8 km from Tammalang Pier
Satun Bus Station is located 8.8 km from Tammalang Pier
Services from Satun Bus Station

The majority of the services operating out of Satun Bus Station are minivan services. The main destination for most travellers is Hat Yai, which is 107 km by road from Satun Bus Station which take about 1 hour 40 minutes to travel in a minivan.

Travel to Bangkok and the East Coast

The reason Hat Yai is the most popular destination is because Hat Yai is a major transport hub, with a mainline train station, an international airport and several bus stations. If you are planning to travel from Tammalang Pier to Bangkok, Surat Thani or other destinations on Thailand’s Gulf Coast, then we recommend that you first travel to Hat Yai to board a direct onward service to your final destination.

Travel to the West Coast

There are also fairly frequent minivan services from Satun Bus Station to destinations on Thailand’s Andaman Coast, in particular Trang, Krabi and Phuket.

The normal journey times by minivan from Satun Bus Station to popular west coast destinations are:

  • Satun to Phuket: 6 hours 50 minutes (428 km)
  • Satun to Krabi: 4 hours 20 minutes (272 km)
  • Satun to Trang: 2 hour 30 minutes (150 km)

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