Travel from Kuantan to Melaka

By bus the journey from Kuantan and Melaka is scheduled to take 5 hours 9 minutes. There are no direct rail connections or flights between Kuantan and Melaka.

Bus Times from Kuantan to Melaka

There are 5 bus services a day from Kuantan to Melaka which are available to book online.

01:0006:0928 MYRMara Liner
01:3006:3938 MYREkspres Mutiara
08:4513:5428 MYRMara Liner
13:3018:3928 MYRMara Liner
18:0023:0928 MYRMara Liner
  • The journey by bus is scheduled to take 5 hours 9 minutes.
  • Both Mara Liner and Ekspres Mutiara use double deck buses on this route.

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Kuantan Bus Station

Bus services to Kuala Lumpur depart from Terminal Sentral Kuantan.

Google Map of Terminal Sentral Kuantan

Melaka Bus Station

Bus services from Kuantan to Melaka terminate at Melaka Sentral Bus Station.

Google Map of Melaka Sentral Bus Station

About Travel to Melaka

Melaka, also known as Malacca, is a city with a long and interesting history that is immensely popular with tourists both from South East Asia and further afield. The city has great hotels, many of which are very reasonably priced, excellent food, great shopping opportunities, and lots of interesting historical sites to visit.

In some respects the city of Melaka is a victim of its own success as at times the city attracts uncomfortably large numbers of tourists, particularly during public holidays in Malaysia. Nonetheless, Melaka’s main historical attractions have been well preserved and the city is well maintained, with little crime and good rubbish collection. Melaka is easy to reach by road from Kuala Lumpur as well, although the absence of train line serving the city does mean that it has a traffic problem which is another thing that detracts from an otherwise superb tourist destination.

Colourful street art in Melaka
Colourful street art in Melaka

Melaka was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2013 in recognition of its long history, which has much in common with the other major colonial settlement on the thin stretch of sea that separates the mainland of West Malaysia from the island of Sumatra, which is George Town on Penang Island.

The city of Melaka was found in the 15th Century by the Sultan of Singapore, who fled there after Singapore was invaded. The rule of the Sultans only lasted until 1511 when Portuguese military forces took over the city. Melaka was then taken by Dutch forces in 1641 and in turn handed over to Britain in 1824 as part of treaty agreement in whose hands the city remained, except for brief period of Japanese rule from 1942 to 1945, until Malaysian independence in 1957.

Each of these ruling powers left their mark on the architecture, food and culture of the city making Melaka one of the most interesting places to visit in South East Asia.

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