Travel from Kuantan to Ipoh

By bus the journey from Kuantan and Ipoh is scheduled to take 6 hours 23 minutes. There are no air or rail links between Kuantan and Ipoh.

Bus Times from Kuantan to Ipoh

There are 2 bus services a day from Kuantan to Ipoh available to book online.

09:0015:2354 MYRMara Liner
20:0002:2354 MYRMara Liner

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Kuantan Bus Station

Bus services to Kuantan to Ipoh depart from Terminal Sentral Kuantan.

Google Map of Terminal Sentral Kuantan

Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services from Kuantan to Ipoh terminate at Amanjaya Bus Terminal in Ipoh.

Google map of Amanjaya Bus Station

About Travel to Ipoh

Ipoh’s main bus terminal, Amanjaya, is located 11 km to the North of Ipoh City Centre. There are two ways to travel by public transport from Amanjaya Bus Terminal to Ipoh City. The cheapest option is to take local bus service T30a into the city. The journey takes around 40 minutes. A much quicker but more expensive option is to take a taxi, which will complete the journey in under 20 minutes and saves visitors waiting around for the next bus.

The most popular part of Ipoh is it’s Old Town Area to the East of Ipoh Railway Station. Ipoh expanded rapidly in the last half the 19th Century and first part of the 20th Century as a consequence of the tin ore deposits in the limestone hills around Ipoh. Tin prices collapsed in the 1970s leading to a state of decline in the city until fairly recently with a tourism leading the city’s economic revival. Ipoh’s past history as a boom town is evident from the city’s architecture, which is a mixture of grand colonial era buildings and the homes and places of worship of the many Indian and later Chinese immigrants that came to the city. A great way to see those historical buildings is to follow the Ipoh Heritage Trail which is a sign posted walking route through the Old Town with stops at 27 buildings and historical sites on the way.

Colourful food shop in Ipoh Old Town
Colourful food shop in Ipoh Old Town

As well as old buildings, Ipoh’s Old Town area has several other points of interest. For many local tourists, a major attraction of Ipoh is its cuisine. Ipoh has some distinctive local dishes, some of which are very old, others more new, such as Nasi Ganja. Some of the cafes and restaurants in the Old Town are museums in their own right, serving food and drink in the same way it was made decades ago in dining rooms furnished in vintage style. Ipoh also has some very modern style establishments serving gourmet versions of local food as well as international food. The best known of these new modern style restaurants is Plan B.

Also of interest in Ipoh Old Town is its street art. In 2014 the Old Town Coffee Company. a major local coffee producer, commissioned artist Ernest Zacharevic to produce 8 wall murals. Like his earlier work in George Town on Penang Island, Ernest Zacharevic’s wall murals in Ipoh portray scenes from local life and relate to the history of the city. Following this initial set of wall murals more murals have been created by local and international artists and they have become an important tourist attraction in their own right.

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