Travel from Kuala Perlis to Ipoh

By bus the journey from Kuala Perlis to Ipoh is scheduled to take 4 hours 20 minutes. Some ferry services from Langkawi arrive into Kuala Perlis.

Bus Times from Kuala Perlis to Ipoh

There are currently 4 bus services a day from Kuala Perlis to Ipoh which are available to book online.

Kuala PerlisIpohCostServiceCompany
09:0013:2030 MYRExpressMara Liner
11:0015:2055 MYRVIPAlisan Coach
13:0017:2055 MYRVIPAlisan Coach
20:0000:2055 MYRVIPAlisan Coach

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Kuala Perlis Bus Station

Bus services from Kuala Perlis to Ipoh depart from Kuala Perlis Bus Station.

Google map of Kuala Perlis Bus Station

Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services from Kuala Perlis to Ipoh terminate at the main long distance bus station in Ipoh, Amanjaya.

Google map of Amanjaya Bus Station

About Travel to Ipoh

Amanjaya Bus Terminal is located 11 km by road from Ipoh City. Every 30 minutes during the day local bus service T30a departs from Amanjaya Bus Terminal on route to Ipoh Old Town. The journey by bus is scheduled to take 40 minutes. Many travellers, however, choose to take a taxi which will completes the same journey in under 20 minutes. The long distance between the main station in Ipoh and the city centre is one of disadvantages of travelling by bus. Ipoh Railway Station is a lot closer to the city centre.

Hugh Low Bridge in Ipoh
Hugh Low Bridge in Ipoh

Ipoh is a popular and interesting destination for local and international holiday makers, which lends itself to short breaks with plenty to fill two days. There are main types of attractions in Ipoh: those in the city centre, and those located in hills on the edge of Ipoh. Ipoh has an interesting history which starts with the rise of the local tin mining industry in the late 19th Century, creating jobs and attracting investment, through to a slump in world tin prices during the 1970s and a city in decline thereafter until its reemergence as a tourist destination. The people who came to Ipoh because of the tin mining, particularly British colonialists and Chinese immigrants, left a prominent mark on the city in terms of its architecture and culture. There is a sign posted Heritage Trail in Ipoh which passes by 27 of the most historically important buildings and public spaces in the Old Town area. The most popular out of town attractions are the various Chinese Buddhist cave temples, and the Gua Tambun Cave Paintings, all which you need to travel to by car and motorbike.

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