Travel from Kuala Besut to the Perhentian Islands

By speed boat the journey from from Kuala Besut to the Perhentian Islands is scheduled to take 45 minutes.

Speed Boat Times from Kuala Besut to the Perhentian Islands

During the tourist high season there are 9 speed boat services a day from Kuala Besut to the Perhentian Islands which you can book online.

Kuala BesutPenangCostCompany
08:0008:4539.00 MYRMieha Holidays
09:0009:4539.00 MYRMieha Holidays
10:0010:4539.00 MYRMieha Holidays
11:0011:4539.00 MYRMieha Holidays
12:0013:4539.00 MYRMieha Holidays
13:0013:4539.00 MYRMieha Holidays
14:0014:4539.00 MYRMieha Holidays
15:0015:4539.00 MYRMieha Holidays
16:0016:4539.00 MYRMieha Holidays

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Kuala Besut Jetty

Speed boat services from Kuala Besut to the Perhentian Islands depart from Jetty Kuala Besut.

Google Map of Jetty Kuala Besut

Perhentian Islands Jetty

One of the stops for speed boat services from Kuala Besut to the Perhentian Islands is the jetty on Teluk Pauh Beach on Perhentian Besut.

Google Map of the jetty on Teluk Pauh Beach on Perhentian Besut

About Travel to the Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands are a cluster of 7 islands on the north eastern coast of West Malaysia, not far from the border with Thailand. Two of these islands are inhabited, and have accommodation where visitors can stay: Palau Perhentian Besar (‘Big Perhentian Island’) and Palau Perhentian Kecil (‘Small Perhentian Island’). Other key things to know about the Perhentian Islands are:

  • The only public transport to and from the islands are speed boat services operating out of the main pier in Kuala Besut.
  • Neither island has any modern infrastructure such as roads or mains electric. You can either walk around the islands on tracks between the beaches or take boats. Resorts and other businesses have generators, and generally patchy internet.
  • Food and drink on the islands is expensive, as is alcohol which is available but not legal or sale or consumption.
  • The Perhentian Islands have no historical or cultural attractions, but they do have nice beaches, clear waters and an abundant range of sea life.
  • Petty theft is common on Perhentian Kecil, particularly on Long Beach, and the migrant workforce is known to become aggressive at times with visitors, particularly younger foreign travellers.
Main jetty on Perhentian Besar
Main jetty on Perhentian Besar

The downsides of the Perhentian Islands are, however, for the most part outweighed by the positive aspects of these islands. To guarantee that we suggest skipping the small island (Perhentian Kecil) which attracts the majority of younger visitors, and opting to stay on the big island (Perhentian Besar) which is more expensive but so much better in terms of being able to enjoy the great beaches and fantastic snorkelling in a generally hassle free environment. Turtle Beach, Teluk Pauh and the beach in front of Abdul’s Chalet are generally considered the best beaches on Perhentian Besar. Where ever you do stay in the Perhentian Islands we recommend that you consider going diving. Diving trips for both novices needing instruction, and experienced divers, are very cheap on the Perhentian Islands and the diving sties are very good with an abundance of marine life, including turtles and sharks which are frequently spotted at the dive sites in neighbouring Thailand.

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