Travel from Kuala Besut to Penang

By direct bus the journey from Kuala Besut to Penang is scheduled to take 7 hours. There are no air or rail links between Kuala Besut and Penang.

Bus Times from Kuala Besut to Penang

There are currently 6 bus services a day from Kuala Besut to Penang Sentral Bus Station available to book online.

Kuala BesutPenangCostServiceCompany
08:0015:0051 MYRExpressQueen Express
08:0015:0051 MYRExpressEkspres Perdana
08:0015:0051 MYRExpressEkspres Mutiara
20:0003:0051 MYRExpressQueen Express
20:0003:0051 MYRExpressEkspres Perdana
20:0003:0051 MYRExpressEkspres Mutiara

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Kuala Besut Bus Station

Bus services from Kuala Besut to Penang depart from Terminal Bas Kuala Besut, 16, 189, Kampung Gertak Seratus, 22300 Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia.

Google map of Terminal Bas Kuala Besut

Penang Bus Station

Bus services from Kuala Besut to Penang terminate at Penang Sentral Bus Station.

Penang Sentral Bus Station

About Travel to Penang

Penang Sentral Bus Station is located on the mainland on the coast opposite Penang Island, which is the main destination for tourist travelling to Penang State. Travelling from Penang Sentral Bus Station to Penang Island is very cheap and very easy. On the 2nd level of Penang Sentral Bus Station is the entrance way to Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal. RapidFerry services to George Town on Penang Island depart every 20 minutes from 05:20 to 00:10, although the frequency drops to once every 40 minutes after 22:00. By ferry the journey from the mainland to George Town takes around 15 minute costs 1.20 MYR or adults and 0.6 MYR for children. The arrival point for these ferry services is Pangkalan Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal, which is on the seafront road and easy walking distance from the historic centre of George Town.

Chinese Clan House in George Town, Penang Island
Chinese Clan House in George Town, Penang Island

The old part of George Town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its many historically and cultural important buildings. Like Malacca in the south of mainland Malaysia, George Town has an interesting history influenced by a long history of immigration from China and India, as well as having once been an important part of the British Empire. The main tourist attractions in George Town are clustered in a fairly compact area around major streets such as Chulia Street and Beach Street.

You can easily spend 2 days walking around the historic part of George Town visiting temples and other historic buildings, such as the Clan Houses which served as the headquarters of different groups of Chinese immigrants. George Town also has lots of hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as markets and food courts. Geoge Town is generally consdered to be the gastronomic centre of Malaysia and somewhere you can eat very well for a very low cost. Fans of India food should head to the Little India district of the city, to the east of Chulia Street, for a wide range of curries and street food from across the Indian sub-continent.

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