Travel from Ipoh to Singapore

There are three ways to travel from Ipoh to Singapore: 1. You can fly, Firefly operates flights from Ipoh to Singapore. 2. You can travel by train from Ipoh changing trains at Gemas and then change again at Johor Bharu Sentral Station for the shuttle train to Singapore. 3. You can travel direct from Ipoh to Singapore.

Bus Times from Ipoh to Singapore

By public bus it takes slightly under 8 hours to travel from Ipoh to Singapore.

09:3017:2583.78 MYRSri Maju Group
10:3018:2583.78 MYRSri Maju Group
10:4518:3562.83 MYRStarMart Express
21:3005:2583.78 MYRSri Maju Group
22:0005:5583.78 MYRSri Maju Group
22:3006:2062.83 MYRStarMart Express
22:4506:3562.83 MYRStarMart Express
  • See below for information about where to board these bus services and for information about where they terminate in Singapore.

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About Travel to Singapore

Singapore is a city state with a population of over 5.5 million people. Singapore has a land area of 719.1 square kilometres spread over 63 islands, although the largest island of Pulau Ujong accounts for 710 square kilometres of the country. Singapore has a long history although modern Singapore is generally considered to have been established in 1819 by British colonialist Sir Stamford Raffles. Singapore is now independent state and is distinct from Malaysia both culturally and politically.

Unlike Malaysia, the majority of Singapore’s population is of Chinese heritage with people of Malay heritage and Indian heritage making up less than a quarter of the population.

Singapore is notable also for its economic success with the average income levels of its citizens far exceeding those of the citizens of other South East Asian countries and on a par with the income of the citizens of Western industrialised countries. The cost of living is relatively high in Singapore and this has an impact on the spending power of tourists visiting Singapore. Tourists tend to make short visits to Singapore because it is not cheap.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore

Singapore has put immense effort into building its tourist industry, in the same way they put immense effort into their other industries such as financial services and oil refining.

For visitors to Singapore there is a wide range of activities on offer:

  • Amusement Parks: Singapore is a great place for a family holiday; there is a wide range of theme park to visit. The top 5 amusement parks in Singapore are: Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Wild Wild Wet Singapore, Haw Par Villa and River Safari.
  • Shopping: There is a vast array of shopping opportunities in Singapore, although most outlets are located within shopping malls rather than markets. Shops selling particular types of product tend to be clustered together in Singapore so it is worth doing some research about where to go if you want to want to buy something specific in Singapore. For example, for antiques go to Tanglin Shopping Centre, for cameras go to Peninsula Plaza, for fabrics go to Little India and for sporting goods head to Queensway Shopping Centre.
  • Food: Singapore is a major international centre for food and perhaps one of the best places in the world to eat out. A full range of international food is available in Singapore but the culinary star attraction is the unique Singaporean take on Malay, Chinese and Indian cooking. For the best value and most authentic food head towards on of the ‘hawker centres’, which is an antiquated term for a cluster of independent food vendors within a covered building with plastic tables and chairs. Unlike other cities in South East Asia, such as Bangkok, where vendors set up on the street in highly regulated Singapore independent food vendor operate under the oversight of public officials in formal food centres. In central Singapore popular hawker centres are Gluttons Bay and Newton Circus.

Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services to Singapore depart from Amanjaya Bus Terminal.

Google map of Amanjaya Bus Station

Singapore Bus Station

Sri Maju Group bus services terminate at the Golden Mile Complex in Singapore.

Google map of Golden Mile Complex in Singapore

StarMart Express bus services terminate at the Golden Mile Tower in Singapore.

Google map of Golden Mile Tower in Singapore

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