Travel from Ipoh to Kota Bharu

The only way to travel direct from Ipoh to Kota Bharu by public transport is to travel by bus. By direct bus the journey from Ipoh to Kota Bharu is scheduled to take from 6 to 7 hours depending upon which service you take.

Bus Times from Ipoh to Kota Bharu

There are currently two bus services a day from Ipoh to Kota Bharu route available to book online.

IpohKota BharuCostServiceCompany
10:3016:4347 MYRExpressQueen Express
22:3005:3147 MYRExpressQueen Express

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Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services to from Ipoh to Kota Bharu depart from Amanjaya Bus Station, which is located a few kilometres to the north of Ipoh Town.

Google map of Amanjaya Bus Station

Kota Bharu Bus Station

Bus services from Ipoh to Kota Bharu terminate at Stesen Bas in the centre of Kota Bharu.

Stesen Bas Kota Bharu

About Travel to Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is a sizeable city with over 300,000 residents and the capital of Kelantan State. Kota Bharu has lots of shops, restaurants and hotels, but it is not a tourist destination in its own right. The city has no major tourist attractions and virtually no nightlife due to the state’s strict laws about the sale and consumption of alcohol. In the city centre there is a single bar/restaurant selling alcohol, the Golden City, on Jalan Pendek near to the bus station which bus services from Ipoh arrive into. Foreign visitors tend to come to Kota Bharu for one of three reasons: to apply for a visa from the city’s Thai consulate, on route to or from Thailand, or to travel to and from the Perhentian Islands.

Bus services from Ipoh terminate at Stesen Bas Kota Bharu
Bus services from Ipoh terminate at Stesen Bas Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is a transport hub for the north east of Malaysia. Kota Bharu has an airport, a train station nearby in Wakaf Bahru and several bus stations. The most useful of these bus stations is Stesen Bas Kota Bharu, which is located right in the city centre. As well being the departure and arrival point for a wide range of long distance bus services, Stesen Bas Kota Bharu is the start and end point for local bus services:

  • Thailand Border: Bus number 29 departs from Stesen Bas Kota Bharu every 30 minutes from 05:45 and takes around 80 minutes to the reach the Thailand border at Rantau Panjang, from where you can cross into Sungai Kolok in Southern Thailand. The fare in 5 MYR per person.
  • Perhentian Islands: Bus 639 to Kuala Besut departs Stesen Bas Kota Bharu frequently from 08:00 to 16:00 every day. The journey takes 90 minutes and costs 6 MYR per person. From Kuala Besut there are regular speed boat services to the two largest of the Perhentian Islands.
  • Wakaf Bharu Railway Station: Wakaf Bharu Railway is the closest passenger railway station to Kota Bharu. From there you can take a train as far south as Johor Bahru for connecting services to Singapore. Bus numbers 19 and 27 depart from Stesen Bas Kota Bharu every 20 to 30 minutes throughout the day and take around 25 minutes to reach Wakaf Bharu Railway Station. The fare is 1.6 MYR per person.

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