Travel from Ipoh to Hat Yai

By bus it takes just under 6 hours to travel from Ipoh to Hat Yai. You can also complete the journey by taking a train from Ipoh to Padang Pesar and then a connecting train from Padang Besar to Hat Yai.

Bus Times from Ipoh to Hat Yai

There is currently 1 bus service a day from Ipoh to Hat Yai available to book online.

IpohHat YaiCostCompany
12:0016:4066 MYRSuper Nice Express
  • Please note: In the table above, departure times are in Malaysian time and arrival times are in Thailand time.

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Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services to from Ipoh to Hat Yai depart from Amanjaya Bus Station, which is located a few kilometres to the north of Ipoh Town.

Google map of Amanjaya Bus Station

Hat Yai Bus Station

Bus services from Ipoh to Hat Yai terminate at Hat Yai Bus Station (also known as Hat Yai Bus Terminal 1).

Hat Yai Bus Station

About Travel to Hat Yai

Hat Yai is the largest city in Southern Thailand located 62 km by road to the north of the Sadao Border crossing to Thailand. Hat Yai is a popular tourist destination, particularly for visitors from Malaysia and Singapore, and also a connection point for transport connections to destinations across Thailand.

Arrival in Hat Yai

Hat Yai Bus Station is located 2.9 km to the south east of Hat Yai Junction Railway Station. There are hotels, restaurants and markets close to Hat Yai Bus Station, however, the busiest and most popular part of the Hat Yai is close to the main railway station.

Motorbike taxis and small blue coloured taxi vans wait outside Hat Yai Bus Station, on the southern side of the station which is where the passenger entrance is located. Motorbike taxis from Hat Yai Bus Station to the area around Hat Yai Junction Railway Station tend to cost around 50 THB for foreign visitors and taxi vans around 70 THB. Agree the price with the driver before you set off as prices aren’t fixed and meters are not used to calculate fares.

Bus services to destinations across Thailand depart from Hat Yai
Bus services to destinations across Thailand depart from Hat Yai
Hat Yai City

Hat Yai grew from a workers camp into a large city after the opening of Hat Yai Junction Railway Station in 1924. Hat Yai has almost no old buildings and the city centre is characterised by a series of fairly charmless concrete buildings. It’s not an attractive city or a city with any notable cultural or historical attractions.

What Hat Yai does have, however, is lots of value for money hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping opportunities. The biggest group of leisure travellers to the city, tourists from Malaysia, come to Hat Yai mainly for short breaks and the opportunity to eat Thai food, and buy Thai products. The massive Kim Yong Market, which is 600 metres walking distance from Hat Yai Junction Railway Station, offers a very wide range of products for sale at competitive prices.

In the evening time the busiest part of Hat Yai is the Saneha Nusorn Road and adjacent streets. The Saneha Nusorn Road, which is close to the railway station, has several shopping centres and large hotels. Nearby are several popular seafood restaurants, some Western style bars, and an area with street food stalls which open in the evening.

Travel from Hat Yai

A wide range of bus and minivan services to destinations in Southern and Central Thailand leave from Hat Yai Bus Station. Services to Phuket, Krabi, Trang, Surat Thani and Bangkok depart frequently throughout the day, as well as minivan services to closer destinations such as Songkhla and Padang Besar.

There are also 4 direct train services a day from Hat Yai to Bangkok, all of which stop on route at popular destinations such as Surat Thani, Chumphon and Hua Hin before terminating in Bangkok. Booking train tickets in advance online is advisable is you want to secure a sleeper berth for the long journey north.

A faster option for travel to Central and Northern Thailand is to fly from Hat Yai International Airport. Hat Yai International Airport is a busy air travel terminus with frequent services, particularly to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

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