Travel from Genting Highlands to Singapore

The easiest way to travel from Genting Highlands to Singapore is to take a direct bus service.

Bus Times from Genting Highlands to Singapore

There is currently 1 bus service a day from Genting Highlands to Singapore which is available to book online.

Genting HighlandsSingaporeCostCompany
11:3018:3085 MYRStarMart
  • StarMart bus services are scheduled to complete the journey from Genting Highlands to Singapore in 7 hours 00 minutes.

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Genting Highlands Bus Station

StarMart bus services from Genting Highlands to Singapore depart from the First World Hotel bus stop in Genting.

Google Map of First World Hotel bus stop in Genting Highlands

Singapore Bus Station

StarMart bus services from Genting Highlands to Singapore terminate at the Golden Mile Tower.

Google Map of the Golden Mile Tower

About Travel to Singapore

Singapore is a notable city state. Residents of Singapore receive the highest average incomes of any country in South East Asia and they also live in the most desnsely populated place in South Asia. Singapore’s population of 5.5 million live in country with a land area of 719.1 square kilometres.

Tourism in Singapore

Singapore has lots of buildings dating back to the time when it was part of the British Empire. The relationship with Britain began as a trading agreement in 1824, and progressed to Singapore becoming a colony under direct British rule in 1867, and then Singapore becoming an indepdendent state in 1965. During that period the British Government invested heavily in public buildings and infrastructure. These European style buildings are still important landmarks, which have largely been repurposed with tourism in mind. For example, Singapore’s excellent National Gallery is housed within what was the Supreme Court, completed in 1936, and the adjacent City Hall, built in 1929.

Since independence Singapore has experienced rapid and sustained economic growth. The city is wealthy and newer high investment tourist attractions have been created to increase the city’s appeal to tourists. The most notable examples being Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and Merlion Park. These are luxurious destinations that appeal to wealthy international visitors as well as less well off visitors attracted by the city’s undeniable glamour.

Chinese Garden in Singapore
Chinese Garden in Singapore
Other things to Do in Singapore

Singapore is a country packed full of interesting things to see and do. The city has some notable temples and parks, such as the striking Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the waterfront Chinese Garden. Strolling around the city’s 50 major public parks is highly recommended. The range of wildlife living in this cramped city state is extraordinary, including the large groups of otters which roam through the city between waterways and lakes dodging the traffic and competing with pedestrians for the side walks.

Lots of tourists come to Singapore to shop and to eat. Singapore’s ‘hawker’ centres are at the heart of the local culinary experience with inexpensive fresh food made at stalls inside covered markets with seating. The city also a complete range of formal restaurants serving everything from local budget food to high end dining.

The shopping options are just as diverse. Like other large cities Singapore has large shopping malls which sell a wide range of different goods, but it also has lots of parts of the city which are famous for selling one type of product. For example, for photographic equipment consider trying the cluster of shops at Peninsula Plaza, and for sport equipment the best place to go genmerally considered to be Queensway Shopping Centre. For this reason, getting the most out of a shopping trip to Singapore requires some planning and research.

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