Travel from Alor Setar to Melaka

If you are planning to travel from Langkawi to Melaka (also known as Malacca) then the easiest route to take is the ferry to Kuala Kedah, a taxi into Alor Setar, and a direct bus from there to Melaka. You can also take a train from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur and then a bus to Melaka but this tends to take longer because of the connection times and you also have to carry your bags from the train station in Kuala Lumpur to the bus station.

Bus Times from Alor Setar to Melaka

There are 4 bus services a day from Alor Setar to Melaka which are available to book online.

Alor SetarMelakaCostCompany
09:3016:1557.00 MYRTransnasional
10:3017:1557.00 MYRTransnasional
22:0004:4557.00 MYRTransnasional
22:3005:1557.00 MYRTransnasional

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Alor Setar Bus Station

Bus services from Alor Setar to Melaka depart from the Terminal Bas Shahab Perdana, which is the main long distance bus station in Alor Setar.

Google map of Terminal Bas Shahab Perdana

Melaka Bus Station

Bus services from Alor Setar to Melaka terminate at Melaka Sentral Bus Station.

Melaka Sentral Bus Station

Christ Church in Melaka

Christ Church is a Christian Church (Anglican) located on Dutch Square near the Melaka River in the historic centre of the town. Christ Church was constructed between 1741 and 1753 by the resident Dutch community to replace St. Paul’s Church, which was built in 1521 by the Portuguese as a Catholic church and re purposed to serve as a ministry of the Dutch Reformed Church when the Dutch took over Melaka in 1641. By the time construction of Christ Church commenced St. Paul’s Church was only 200 years and in need of a more modern replacement. Christ Church itself became an Anglican Church in 1838 when control of Melaka was transferred to the British East India Company. Christ Church is still going strong as an active place of worship with services being delivered every week in English, Malay and Chinese and is considered to be the longest running protestant church in South East Asia. It is open to visitors from 08:30 to 17:00 from Monday to Saturday and there is a souvenir shop on site.

Christ Church in Melaka
Christ Church in Melaka

Christ Church is 25 metres long, 13 metres wide and 12 metres high. The design is typical of Dutch churches of the period in Europe, but unusual amongst Anglican churches abroad which tend to follow a design style closely associated with English churches. The church has been constructed using Dutch bricks on a base of local laterite rock, which is high in iron oxide content. The floor of the church is interesting. The majority of the floor is made from granite block used as ballast in trading ships and left on the quayside when ships returned to Europe laden with goods. Part of the floor, however, has been made from gravestones. In places the inscriptions on the grave stones are still visible although difficult to read because they are written in old Armenian and Portuguese. The church also has some very old artefacts including a brass covered bible in Dutch.

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