Penang Jetty Bus Terminal

Penang Jetty Bus Terminal is a bus station in George Town in Penang Island, Malaysia. This is the first place many visitors to the island see as it is located in front of the exit as you leave from the Rapid Ferry from Butterworth on the mainland.

Rapid Penang Bus
Rapid Penang Bus

Penang has an excellent public transport network and you can take a bus right from the Jetty Bus Terminal to most of the popular destinations on Penang Island saving yourself an expensive taxi journey or a long walk.

Penang Jetty Bus Station

Penang Jetty Bus Terminal is near two other larger bus stations in George Town: one at the Komtar Tower and one on the same street called Weld Quay. Most of the services to and from Penang Jetty Bus Terminal also stop at Komtar Tower and Weld Quay Bus Stations. If you need to go some where not on one of the bus routes from Penang Jetty Bus Terminal then take one of the buses to the Komtar Tower and take another bus from there.

Bus Terminal A
Bus Terminal A

There are two terminal buildings at Penang Jetty Bus Terminal: Terminal A and Terminal B. As you exit from the Rapid Ferry, Terminal A is on the right and Terminal B is on the left of the walkway heading towards to the main road in from of the ferry terminal.

Bus Terminal B
Bus Terminal B

The most popular services for people going on holiday in Penang depart from Terminal B. The free bus around George Town’s city centre (the CAT service) and Bus 101 to Tanjung Bungah Beach both depart from Terminal B.

Rapid Ferry to from Butterworth

The best way to travel to or from Penang to the Butterworth Railway Station is to take the Rapid Ferry service. The ferry terminal on the mainland in Butterworth is walking distance from both the bus station and the train station in Butterworth. 

Rapid Ferry Terminal
Rapid Ferry Terminal

Ferries to Penang depart from Butterworth every 10 to 20 minutes from 05:20 to 00:10. The sea crossing takes 15 minutes and the fare is 1.20 MYR for adults and 0.60 MYR for children. You buy your tickets on the way to the ferry at a kiosk by the entry gate.

Location of Penang Jetty Bus Terminal

Penang Jetty Bus Terminal is located 180 metres walking distance from the southern end of Chulia Street in George Town.

Google map of Melaka Sentral Bus Station

Facilities at Penang Jetty Bus Terminal

There are no facilities in either of the two bus terminal buildings. There is a limited amount of seating by the ticket kiosks. The bus station is, however, very close to the city centre and if you to buy something your best option is to walk up Chulia Street. The nearest free toilet facilities are located at the Sri Weld Food Court on Beach Street.

Taxis waiting at the bus station
Taxis waiting at the bus station

There are also lots of taxis waiting at the bus station for passengers alighting from the ferry. If you can’t find a bus service to where you need to go you can easily find a taxi. Taxis in Penang don’t use their meters so you need to negotiate a price in advance.

Bus Tickets at Penang Jetty Bus Terminal

There are ticket counters in both the bus terminal buildings. You can buy single tickets at Penang Jetty Bus Terminal. If you want to purchase a 1 week unlimited bus pass (30 MYR) then you need to go to the Rapid Penang kiosk at either the Weld Quay or Komtar Tower bus stations.

Ticket Kiosks
Ticket Kiosks

Ticket prices are determined by how far you plan to travel. Expect to pay 1.40 MYR for journeys within George Town and 3.40 MYR to reach the beach in Batu Ferringhi. Tickets prices (2018) are:

  • 0 – 7 km: 1.40 MYR
  • 7.01 – 14.00 km: 2 MYR
  • 14.01 – 21.00 km: 2.70 MYR
  • 21.01 – 28.00 km: 3.40 MYR
  • 28.01 km & above: 4 MYR

Local Bus Routes

There are 17 different bus routes operating from Penang Jetty Bus Terminal. Some of the routes will be of little to interest to anyone visiting the island for a holiday. In the list of bus services below, the routes which are likely to be of most interest to tourists have the main points of interest on that particular bus route stated inside the brackets after the end destination:

  • CAT: Circular route around George Town (Free bus)
  • 10: Jalan Kebun Bunga (Botanical Gardens)
  • 11: Batu Lanchang
  • 101: Jalan Abbas (Tanjung Bungah Beach)
  • 103: Komtar Tower
  • 201: Tingkat Paya Terubpng (Kek Lok Si Temple)
  • 202: Tingkat Paya Terubpng
  • 203: Pekan Air Itam via Farlim (Kek Lok Si Temple)
  • 204: Bukit Bendara (Kek Lok Si Temple and Funicular Railway Station)
  • 206: Jalan Tunku Kudin
  • 301: Lebuh Relau
  • 302: Batu Maung via Jalan Bukit Gambir
  • 303: Bukit Gedung
  • 307: Batu Maung via Bayan Baru
  • 401: Balik Pulau Via Bayan Baru (Penang Airport)
  • 401E: Balik Pulau via QueensBay (Penang Airport)
  • 502: Pekan Genting

Long Distance Travel

Click on the links below for information about long distance journeys from Penang and to buy tickets:

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