Ipoh Heritage Trail

Ipoh is a city with a rich history and there are lots of places of interest to visit, particularly in the old part of the city. To avoid walking any further than you need to (its gets hot in the day time in Ipoh) it makes sense to work the best route to take so as to make best use of your time and your energy. 

Straights Trading Building
The Straights Trading Building is on the Heritage Trail

Fortunately, Ipoh’s municipal government have already done the planning for visitors and created walk which starts at the railway station and ends at the Birch Memorial Clock Tower, from where it’s a 400 metre walk back to the railway station. 

About Ipoh Heritage Trail

You can easily walk around the whole heritage trail in 2 hours. To make the most of it however, and go into some museums, shops and restaurants on route, as well as see the famous wall murals dotted around the Old Town, we suggest that you need about 6 hours. 

Directions marked on the trail
Directions marked on the trail

The route is, for the most part, well sign posted either with street signs or foot prints painted in yellow on the pavement. However, to make sure you don’t lose your way we recommend that you pick up one of the free maps at the tourist office in the main railway terminal building, which is at the very start of the walk.

Information signs on the trail
Information signs on the trail

Along the route you find useful information signs in both Malay and English. Its well worth taking the time to stop and read these signs as understanding the history and significance of each of the 27 locations on the route with enrich your enjoyment of the Heritage Trail.

Attractions  on the Trail

The Heritage trail takes you to the following 27 locations of interest in Ipoh:

  1. Ipoh Railway Station
  2. Ipoh War Memorial
  3. Ipoh Town Hall
  4. Ipoh High Court
  5. Perak Library
  6. Royal Ipoh Club
  7. Ipoh Padang
  8. St. Michael’s Institution
  9. Masjid India Mosque
  10. F.M.S. Bar & Restaurant
  11. Hongkong & Shanghai Bank
  12. Residence & Law Office of The Seenivasagam Brothers
  13. Perak Hydro Building
  14. Ipoh Municipal Car Park
  15. Mercantile Bank
  16. Straits Trading Building
  17. The Chartered Bank
  18. Chung Thye Phin Building
  19. S.P.H. De Silva Building
  20. Kin Kwok Daily News
  21. Perak Ku Kong Chow Association
  22. Han Chin Pet Soo
  23. Panglima Lane (Concubine Lane)
  24. Ipoh Kong Heng Coffee shop
  25. Mikasa Photo Shop
  26. Jan Sahib’s Office
  27. Birch Memorial Clock Tower

The map of the Heritage Trail below is from the official website of Ipoh.

Map of Ipoh Hertage Trail
Map of Ipoh Hertage Trail courtesy of ipohheritage.mbi.gov.my

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