Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills

Colmar Tropicale is a hill top attraction within an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur that is similar in some respects, and close to, Genting Highlands.

About Colmar Tropicale

Colmar Tropicale was designed to be reminiscent of Colmar in Alsace in France. The story behind the concept is that during his first stint as Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahatir visited Colmar in France and was so impressed that he went onto convince one of Malaysia’s largest companies to a build a copy of Colmar in Malaysia as a tourist attraction. Colmar Tropicale opened in 2000. What was built looks a little bit like Colmar in France, although the modern materials used in the construction limit the extent of the resemblance. Nonetheless, the idea is fun and Colmar Tropical is a popular part of the ever expanding Beraya Hills development. Colmar Tropicale is a good place for a day for children and you can stay there overnight as well.

Entrance to Colmar Tropicale
Entrance to Colmar Tropicale

Colmar Tropicale is both a resort and a theme park all rolled into one. There are 235 hotel rooms available, all contained within the faux French buildings, and five restaurants, three with a French theme, one serving Japanese food, and another offering Malay and international dishes. Colmar Tropicale also has plenty of shops and a range of activities available both within the confines of the recreation of the French town and nearby in other parts of the Berjaya Hills development including:

  • Equestrian centre
  • Sport Complex
  • Adventure Park
  • Rabbit Park
  • 6D Motion Ride
  • Japanese Village
  • Botanical Garden
  • Golf course

You can access Colmar Tropicale and all these activities (except the golf course) as a day visitor for the value for money price of 12 MYR for adults and 8 MYR for children.

Inside Colmar Tropicale
Inside Colmar Tropicale

There are 10 different types of hotel rooms available at Colmar Tropicale. Depending on the room type, season and who you book through, rooms cost from around 150 MYR to 400 MYR. This isn’t cheap for South East Asia but the rooms are large, starting at 28 sqm, and well equipped. The in room decorations are intended to look French and antique, with wooden floors and European style furniture. As a weekend break from Kuala Lumpur we recommend it because its something different, and quite good fun.

Location of Colmar Tropicale

  • Colmar Tropicale is located 57.6 km by road from Kuala Lumpur.

Google Map of Colmar Tropicale

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