Travel from Lumut to Ipoh

Bus services to Ipoh depart from Lumut Bus Station which is close to the ferry pier for services to and from Pangkor Island, which is a popular beach resort.

Bus Times from Lumut to Ipoh

There are ten bus services a day from Lumut to Ipoh which are available to book online.

08:0010:0512.35 MYRPerak Transit Ekspres
08:3010:3513.09 MYRSS International Express
09:3011:3512.35 MYRPerak Transit Ekspres
11:0013:0512.35 MYRPerak Transit Ekspres
12:3014:3512.35 MYRPerak Transit Ekspres
14:0016:0512.35 MYRPerak Transit Ekspres
15:3017:3512.35 MYRPerak Transit Ekspres
17:0019:0512.35 MYRPerak Transit Ekspres
18:3020:3512.35 MYRPerak Transit Ekspres
21:0023:0513.09 MYRSS International Express
  • Perak Transit Ekspres and SS International Express bus services are scheduled to complete the journey from Lumut to Ipoh in 2 hours 5 minutes.

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Lumut Bus Station

Bus services to Ipoh depart from Lumut Bus Station.

Google map of Lumut Bus Station

Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services from Lumut to Ipoh terminate at the main station, Amanjaya.

Google map of Amanjaya Bus Station

About Travel to Ipoh

Ipoh’s Amanjaya bus station is 11 km away from Ipoh’s popular Old Town area. The cheapest way to travel from Amanjaya bus station to Ipoh Old Town is take bus T30a to Medan Kidd Bus Station, which is near to Ipoh Railway Station, or bus 116 which travels to the city centre. A taxi from Amanjaya Bus Station to Ipoh Town will cost you 20 to 30 MYR depending on the time of day and your negotiating skills. Once you arrive in Ipoh you find that can easily visit most of the places of interest in the Old Town by walking as Ipoh is a fairly compact city centre and the railway station is easy walking distance from the Old Town. Indeed, the city has its own signposted walking route, called the Heritage Trail, which passes 27 attractions each with its own information board.

Ipoh Old Town
Ipoh Old Town

It well worth spending some time in Ipoh before rushing off to other better known destinations such as Kuala Lumpur or Penang. As a tourist destination, Ipoh as three things going for it which make it popular with foreign and domestic visitors. Firstly, the British colonial government, along with Chinese and Indian immigrants to the city, constructed some great buildings and introduced their own cultures to the city. There is plenty to see in Ipoh as a consequence. Secondly, Ipoh has a thriving street art scene which has flourished since well known artist Ernest Zacharevic created 8 murals on the walls around the Old Town. More great art has been created since and this attracts a lot of visitors to the city. Thirdly, Ipoh has very good and distinctive food. Ipoh is well known for its kai see hor fun (a noodle dish), chicken with bean sprouts, curry noddles, and nasi ‘ganja’ which is version of nasi kandar using deep fried chicken served along side a fish curry. The food in itself is the reason why a significant proportion of Malaysian visitors choose to come to Ipoh.

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