Travel from Kota Bharu to Ipoh

The only way to travel direct from Kota Bharu to Ipoh is by road, a journey of 338 km. There are no direct flights from Kota Bharu Airport to Ipoh Airport, and to travel from Kota Bharu to Ipoh by train you would need to take the train all the way south to Gemas to switch to Malaysia’s west coast line for the journey north to Ipoh via Kuala Lumpur.

Bus Times from Kota Bharu to Ipoh

There are two bus services a day from Kota Bharu to Ipoh which are available to book online.

Kota BharuIpohCostCompany
09:0015:3038.16 MYRTransnasional
21:0003:3038.16 MYRTransnasional
  • The scheduled journey time from Kota Bharu to Ipoh is 6 hours 30 minutes.
  • Transnasional passengers from Kota Bharu to Ipoh travel on a 30 seat air-conditioned bus.

Buy Tickets from Kota Bharu to Ipoh

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Kota Bharu Bus Station

Bus services from Kota Bharu to Ipoh depart from the city centre Kota Bharu Bus Station on Jalan Pendek.

Google Map of Kota Bharu Bus Station

Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services from Kota Bharu to Ipoh terminate at Amanjaya Bus Terminal in Ipoh.

Google map of Amanjaya Bus Station

Colonial Era Buildings in Ipoh

Ipoh’s Old Town has a lot of old and grand buildings dating back to the period when the State of Perak was under British Colonial Rule, which lasted from the signing of Pangkor Treaty of 1874 until 1957 with the exception of a 3 year period during World War II when the Japanese Imperial Army occupied Ipoh.

Arlene House in Ipoh
Arlene House (Chung Thye Phin Building) in Ipoh

The time of British rule was also a golden era for private enterprise in Perak State, with tin mining, rubber farming and commercial fisheries all booming during that period making Perak one of the most profitable parts of the British Empire. British built municipal buildings feature alongside privately funded commercial buildings, many of which were designed in classical European architectural styles. The best colonial era buildings to visit in Ipoh are listed below starting with the oldest:

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