Travel from Kangar to Melaka

Kangar is not connected to Malaysia’s railway network, nor is Melaka, so the only way to travel direct between these two places is to take one of the bus services which departs from the main bus station in Kangar. If you do want to travel by train the nearest train station is Arau, 10 km from Kangar, from where you can take a train south to Kuala Lumpur and then a bus from there to Melaka.

Bus Times from Kangar to Melaka

There are four bus services a day from Kangar to Melaka which are available to book online.

08:3019:2060.50 MYRTransnasional
09:3020:2060.50 MYRTransnasional
20:3007:2060.50 MYRTransnasional
21:3008:2060.50 MYRTransnasional
  • Transnasional bus services are scheduled to complete the journey from Kangsar to Melaka in 10 hours 50 minutes.

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Kangar Bus Station

Bus services to Melaka depart from the Terminal Bukit Lagi in Kangar.

Terminal Bukit Lagi in Kangar

Melaka Bus Station

The final stop for bus services from Kangar is Melaka Sentral Bus Station, Jalan Tun Razak, Plaza Melaka Sentral, 75400 Melaka, Malaysia.

Melaka Sentral Bus Station

About Melaka

Melaka, also known as Malacca, is the capital city of Melaka state with an urban population of over 870,000 people. Melaka was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site jointly with George Town on Penang Island in 2003. George Town and Melaka share a common heritage as important trading centres located on the narrow sea passage between the Malay peninsula and the island of Sumatra known as the ‘Straits’. The strategic importance of this stretch of sea was related to use as the main route for shipping carrying goods between the Far East and Europe, and various foreign powers have fought over the city of Melaka since it was founded in the 14th Century by the last Sultan of Singapore, who fled there after being defeated in battle in Singapore and made Melaka his new home.

Riverfront in Melaka
Riverfront in Melaka

The various invaders and migrants to Melaka over the last 700 years are what makes the city so interesting. The culture of the indigenous population has mixed with the culture of Chinese, Portuguese, Indian, British and Dutch settlers. These people brought with them their own food, architecture, language and religion all of which are still in evidence today. There are also some unique things about Melaka which have emerged in the city as a consequence of the mix of cultures, particularly in terms of the city’s cuisine. For instance, Melaka has its own unique version of Hainanese chicken and rice, where the rice comes in balls. Asam Pedas is a fish curry unique to Melaka which is hot and sour has its origins in a mix of the Portuguese, Indian and Malay cooking styles. You can also find good authentic Portuguese food in Melaka, which is something of a rarity in Malaysia, on account of the city once having been a Portuguese colony. We recommend heading to the city’s Portuguese Settlement to eat fried squid, baked fish and the infamous ‘devil’s soup’, which is a spicy seafood concoction. The other major fusion food to try is Peranakan style cooking which employs Chinese wok cooking techniques to create dishes from flavours familiar to Malaysian cooking. Chinese settlers came to the city soon after it was founded and are now very much an intrinsic part of Melaka’s culture.

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