Travel from Johor Bharu to Ipoh

There are three ways to travel from Johor Bharu to Ipoh: 1. Take a train to Gemas and then a second train to Ipoh. 2. Take a direct bus from Johor Bharu to Ipoh. 3. Fly from Johor Bharu to Ipoh. The cheapest option is to take a direct bus.

Travel Times to Ipoh

There are six bus services a day from Johor Bharu to Ipoh which are available to book online.

Johor BharuIpohCostCompany
10:0017:2576.58 MYRSS International Express
10:0017:2584.17 MYRSri Maju Group
21:3004:5576.58 MYRSS International Express
22:0005:2584.17 MYRSri Maju Group
22:0005:2567.32 MYRStarMart Express
23:0006:2567.32 MYRStarMart Express

  • The scheduled journey time from Kota Bharu to Ipoh is 7 hours 25 minutes.
  • StarMart Express and Sri Maju Group passengers from Johor Bharu to Ipoh travel on VIP 24 bus services.
  • SS International Express passengers from Johor Bharu to Ipoh travel on Express bus services.

Buy Tickets to Ipoh

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Johor Bharu Bus Station

Bus services from Johor Bharu to Ipoh depart from Larkin Bus Terminal on Jalan Garuda.

Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services from Johor Bharu terminate at Aman Jaya Bus Terminal in Ipoh.

Things to do in Ipoh

The activities in Ipoh fall into two categories: things to do and see in the town itself, and places to visit out of town. The attractions in the town are clustered around Ipoh’s Old Town area and a convenient way to see them is to follow the Heritage Trail which takes visitors around Ipoh’s many historic building dating back to the time Ipoh was a thriving mining town and a British colony. The Old Town area also has an exciting set of street art murals, the best of which were created by well known street artist Ernest Zacharevic.

Ipoh is famous for its Street Art
Ipoh is famous for its Street Art

For those visitors prepared to travel outside of the town centre then Ipoh has a range of other equally interesting attractions including:

  • Gua Tambun Cave Paintings: 3,000 year old human drawings in and around a cave.
  • Sam Poh Tong Temple: Cave Temple established by a Buddhist monk from China in 1890.
  • Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple: Cave Temple within a 12 acre site located within an area of limestone outcrops.
  • Kellie’s Castle: Deserted mansion built by a Scottish plantation owner which is believed to be haunted.
  • Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng: Tea plantation in the hills which provides guided tours to visitors.

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