Travel from Cameron Highlands to Ipoh

By public bus it takes slightly over 2 hours 30 minutes to travel 102 km from Tanah Rata in the Carmeron Highlands to Ipoh. This is a slow journey because of the many bends in the road and the steep gradients. On arrival in Ipoh passengers can connect to Malaysian railway services and either travel north by train to Penang and onto Thailand, or south to Kuala Lumpur and across to Singapore.

Bus Times from Cameron Highlands to Ipoh

There is a single daily bus service from Tanah Rata, in the Cameron Highlands, to Ipoh which is available to book online.

Cameron HighlandsIpohCostCompany
08:0010:3524.31 MYRUnititi Express
  • This service terminates at Aman Jaya Bus Station.
  • This service travels direct to Ipoh with no stops on route.

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Cameron Highlands Bus Station

Bus services from the Cameron Highlands to Ipoh depart from Tanah Rata Bus Terminal.

Google map of Tanah Rata Bus Terminal

Ipoh Bus Station

Bus services from Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands terminate at Amanjaya Bus Station which is the main long distance bus terminal in Ipoh.

Google map of Amanjaya Bus Station

About Travel to Ipoh Old Town

Ipoh developed into a large town during the late 19th Century and early 20th Century on the basis of a large tin mining industry. The town went into decline for a long period following the collapse of tin prices on the world market in the 1970s and has only recently seen a revival on the basis of it new found status as a tourist destination. Ipoh has a rich history and the local authorities have put a lot of effort in taking advantage of its heritage to attract visitors. The Old Town in Ipoh is one of the major draws for people to visit to the town. Ipoh has lots of large grand buildings which were constructed at the time when the Malay Peninsula was under British Colonial rule, and the predominantly Chinese and Indian immigrant community also built houses and temples in the city which now of historical importance.

Ipoh's Old Town area is a popular destination
Ipoh’s Old Town area is a popular destination

The easiest way to take in the sights of Ipoh Old Town is to follow the Heritage Trail, which is a walking route that takes 2 to 6 hours depending upon how long you spend at the attractions on route. The Heritage Trail start at the magnificent Ipoh Railway Station and finishes at the Birch Memorial Clock Tower, which is also near to the main train station, with a further 25 things to see in between. Its well worth stopping in Ipoh for at least a few hours to walk around the Old Town as there are lots of places of interest all packed into a fairly small area. A newer attraction in the Old Town is the street art. In 2014 one of Malaysia’s leading coffee companies commissioned artist Ernest Zacharevic to create 8 wall murals in the town, each of which cleverly depict different aspects of local life in Ipoh. These first 8 wall murals have inspired local artists and businesses to follow suit and Ipoh now has clever, attractive and often innovative street art covering most parts of the city. The street art works well in Ipoh complimenting the network of narrow streets and old buildings dating back to Ipoh’s heyday as the centre of the world’s tin mining industry.

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